Our Story

OUR STORY Every company starts somewhere.  Sparrow Park started with a problem - we love the outdoors but we could not find a good picnic blanket.  Sure, there were wool and polyester options (too hot for summer), cotton throws (didn’t protect us from the damp ground), and many lacking style but we simply could not find a blanket that married all of these traits. So, we decided to make one. Leaving a corporate career to start a small business was admittedly scary but every day at Sparrow Park we get to focus our time and energy on creating something wonderful.

QUALITY PRODUCTS At Sparrow Park we strongly believe that you should not have to sacrifice style to find a functional, well-made product.  Our designs pair bright fabrics in fun patterns with quality materials and durable construction to create stylish products that last.  We take great pride in our thoughtful design process to produce products that unite functionality, craftsmanship, and style. Built to last, each design detail has been carefully considered to handle rigorous, everyday use and we are steadfast in our commitment to excellent quality.

COMMITMENT TO LOCAL Sparrow Park is American-made, founded from two cities with a powerful blend of might and heart.  We design all of our products in Oklahoma City and work with a small, local manufacturer in Chicago to construct each item.  We made a conscious choice when founding Sparrow Park to stay local.  Producing locally allows us to develop and maintain a personal relationship with our small business partners.  The collaboration that comes from that relationship results in higher quality products for you.